Frequently Asked Questions

We inspect weather conditions from where we ship and to your destination. For the safety of our live animals, we may not ship if it is too cold (less than 45°F) or too hot (higher than 85°F).

Check out this informative article.

As of today, we are strictly online, however we can help you save on shipping if you would like to meetup. California orders $25+ can choose from our FREE meetup options during checkout. (Does not apply to some of the Merch items)

We get this question and similar questions a lot. So, we made an article that will assist guiding you with the right choice. We made recommendations; however you know your habitat better than anyone. Here is our recommendations.

Yes, here is some more information. We have designed our checkout to allow for safe shipping.

We have links at the bottom of our website for your convenience. We recommend following these accounts. Beware of copycats (if you're in doubt, reach out to us and confirm the account you would like to follow).

It's easier to just show you, check out this video tutorial on how we build our Posh Bins.

We are vending our first show in July 2024 in Anaheim, CA. Details for this event, and future events will be listed on our events page. We recommend to sign up for our Mailing List to stay in the loop!

Yes and thank you for asking this. It proves that you will be a responsible pod owner. APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) reviews and approves our PPQ-526 Permits through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for all of the Live Animals we have listed on our website. This PPQ-526 permit is required for crossing over each state. For this reason, we only ship Live Animals to the permitted U.S. Continental States. Feel free to perform more research on this topic on the USDA APHIS website.

We use either the iPhone 14 with Macro Lens or an old Canon SLR Camera with extension tubes.

Mold is typically a sign that 1. food has been left in the enclosure too long, or 2. there is not enough ventilation for the enclosure. Our tip would be to consider removing old (moldy) food and possibly increasing ventilation on your enclosure.

No, we do not sell any marine isopods (only terrestrial).

Fun Fact: I got to meet a Deep-Sea Isopod at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.

As much as we would love to carry some of the cool isopods & springtails that others sell. We have made an effort to learn what we are allowed to distribute and what we cannot. Currently, the only two types of springtails that are legal in the Continental U.S. (per USDA APHIS) are the Folsomia candida, and Sinella curviseta. We cannot speak for other vendors and understand your frustration. Feel free to reach out to the USDA APHIS for more information.

Unfortunately doing things the right way is expensive. We have no control over shipping prices or the shipping company’s requirements. Our only goal is to safely ship our pods while following the rules.

Currently we do not, but we have structured some automated discounts for bulk orders. More info here.