Discount Pricing Tiers

Discount Pricing Tiers

At this time we are not selling wholesale, however we want to offer discounted pricing when purchasing in bulk. We have elected to set automatic pricing tiers for our Live Isopods. Here are how are Tiers are currently setup. 

Silver Tier - This tier offers discounts based on the quantity of "Lower-Cost Isopods."

 Quantity of Silver Tier Isopods Automatic Discount
15 5%
25 10%
50 15%
75 20%
100 25%


Gold Tier - Similar to the silver tier, discounts are based on the quantity of "Medium-Cost Isopods."

 Quantity of Gold Tier Isopods Automatic Discount
10 5%
15 10%
25 15%
50 20%
75 25%


Platinum Tier - Since this tier tends to classify our "Higher-priced Isopods" we offer this discount based on total price.

 Total Cost of Platinum Tier Isopods Automatic Discount
$100 5%
$175 10%
$250 15%
$325 20%
$400 25%


Our pricing tiers can be combined with DISCOUNT CODES and still qualify for free shipping on orders $99+. We hope you are enjoying our shop and will work diligently to keep this page updated if any changes are made. Changes can be made without notice. Please contact us with any questions. 

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