Isopod Recommendations

Isopod Recommendations

We often get questions on "which isopod should I get for….?"

Here are our recommendations based on testing some of the enclosures, listening to client feedback, as well as other online research. These are just recommendations based on assumed habitat conditions. Ensure you are researching based on your animal’s temperament as well as habitat conditions (temperature, humidity, etc). Beware, very protein-driven isopods may bite and injure smaller reptiles if they cannot find enough food to sustain themselves.

When adding a clean-up-crew to your enclosure you are attempting to make a bioactive environment (which is hands-off maintenance). Though some maintenance is typically still required, adding a clean-up crew brings the most naturalistic approach and should lessen the amount of maintenance needed on your enclosure.

1. Porcellio species are very protein hungry (we don’t recommend them with a vegetarian roommate). P. laevis species are so protein driven they have been reported to bite animals when there isn’t enough protein available - avoid this species with fragile/small animals.

2. Porcellionides pruinosus isopods tend to thrive in a wide variety of environments, they clean up leftover food and waste and typically do not disturb the animals (while remaining fast enough to escape hungry predators). If you are unsure of which pods to use, you might want to try these species.

3. Dwarf white isopods spend most of their time burrowed and you will probably never see them unless you dig for them, however they also typically outcompete other isopods for food. They can also self-reproduce making them a hardy species if some of them become feeders.


Our recommendations:

  • For Beginners - Zebra Isopods.
  • Arid environment - Clowns, Zebras, Porcellionides pruinosus species.
  • Snake enclosures - Dwarf Whites, Zebra, Nasatum, Porcellionides pruinosus Isopods.
  • Leopard Gecko enclosures - Porcellionides pruinosus species (Powder Blue, Powder Orange, Oreo Cumble, Orange Cream).
  • Crested Gecko enclosures - Dwarf White, Cubaris, or  Porcellionides pruinosus species.
  • Dart Frog enclosures - Dwarf White.
  • Bearded Dragon enclosures - Giant Canyon, or Porcellio scaber species. (Not recommended to pair with isopods as they will probably become feeders)
  • Monitor enclosures - Porcellio laevis
  • Tarantula enclosures - Springtails & Dwarf Whites (a moisture corner will be needed).
  • Scorpion enclosuresPorcellionides pruinosus species (Powder Blue, Powder Orange, Oreo Cumble, Orange Cream).
  • Bone Cleaning - Porcellio scaber species.
  • Feeders - Porcellio laevis species ( We do not recommend adding laevis into enclosures with soft-bodied, small, or young animals).
  • Experienced Isopod Keepers - Cubaris species.

When shopping for your bioactive isopod clean-up crew and come across our online shop or other ecommerce shops, we recommend doing your research before cohabitating your animal with some new isopods. Many people mean-well but only offer advice based on humidity and temperature. Though those are important factors, there is more to it then just that. Make sure the pods you choose are best suited for your entire habitat, which includes the animals already living in there!

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