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Holy-Poly Isopods

Mystery Box

Mystery Box

Our Mystery Boxes are each custom picked per order. You may get many types of isopods, or maybe just 1 culture of rare isopods (Live Isopods guaranteed)! You may get custom gear or possibly items that have not been listed on our website. Whatever it is, it will be a Mystery!
We have placed 5 pricing tiers for your Mystery Box options. Our goal is to provide surprises valued above your mystery box pricing tier. 


  1. When deciding on the right Tier Package we keep the mystery value between tiers (Notice how Tier 5 has no maximum value?)!!!!!
  2. Tier 3+ qualifies for free shipping. 
  3. Prior to adding to cart, fill out the optional forms below to help us build a great Mystery Box for you!
  4. For Keep List & Wish List, we recommend using commas between species.
  5. Under Additional information, let us know what you plan on using isopods for. Here are some examples:
  • I have 17 gecko enclosures that need isopods.
  • My Shirt size is XL
  • I plan on starting a breeding program of multiple species.
  • This is for my kid's 8th Birthday.
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Mystery Box Tiers
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Additional Information

  • Isopods are captive bred.
  • Do not release them into the wild (per USDA APHIS)
  • Isopods will be various sizes.