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Holy-Poly Isopods

Magnolia Seed Pod

Magnolia Seed Pod

Ready to Use Magnolia Seed Pod

Magnolia seed pods have been popular in the bioactive reptile & amphibian community as vivarium/terrarium decor. We have noticed that many of our isopods love climbing on and hiding in them (turning them into Isopod Hotels). 

Our natural seed pods are hand picked from beautiful Southern California trees. Verified chemical and pesticide free offering a safe addition to your enclosure. Beware of similar products from oversees and craft suppliers that treat their seed pods prior to selling. 

We offer Safe & Ready to Use Seed Pods.

  • Pesticide Free 
  • Sterilized

Seed Pods are not identical in look or size!

  • Listing is for 1 Magnolia Seed Pod (sizes vary).
  • Seed pods may arrive opened, closed, empty, or containing seeds.
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