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Holy-Poly Isopods

Dalmation Scaber Isopods (Porcellio scaber)

Dalmation Scaber Isopods (Porcellio scaber)

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Prices are per each isopod. Tiered bulk discounts are unlocked as you add more. (See additional information below for details).

Dalmation Scaber Isopods for sale!

 Europe. This timid species have proved to be a good Clean-Up Crew.

Habitat: prefer low to moderate humidity, but are very tolerant of humid conditions which helps if it starts to dry a little bit (68-78°F). Ensure they have their hydration station setup in a corner (moist sphagnum moss). Recommended substrate depth 2-3".

Recommended use: Bearded Dragon enclosures, Bone Cleaning (skulls), feeders (for larger animals).

Food: As with most isopod species their main source of diet should be lots of leaf litter, decaying wood, and calcium supply. This species will readily cannibalize each other if there is not enough protein in their diet (feed protein 2x per week). Supplement with mushrooms, freeze dried veggies, organic veggie scraps.

Reproduction: Fast (Brood size ~10-20)

Restrictions: Due to state permitting requirements, we are not allowed to ship these isopods to Louisiana.

Additional Information

  • Isopods are captive bred.
  • Do not release them into the wild (per USDA APHIS)
  • Isopods will be various sizes.

Many isopod distributors offer starter cultures of specific counts (5, 6, 8, 10 counts, etc.). We have found that some clients want 1 isopod while others prefer 20+. We have made the decision to sell isopods on a per price basis to assist with your custom-built starter cultures.

Isopod listings are priced for 1 isopod.

Tiered Discounts are unlocked as you add more.

New to Isopods?

We have some care tips to help you get started and troubleshoot any concerns you may have with your colonies.

Click here to check them out!

Shipping Information

  • We offer LAG Shipping with our strategic shipping partners and policies.
  • Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping!
  • We are a USDA APHIS Permitted shipping facility that utilizes are current PPQ-526 permits to ship within the Continental U.S.
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