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About Us

My name is David Vargas, a Southern California native that has too many hobbies (CORRECTION: too many expensive hobbies according to my wife). Growing up in SoCal I spent most of my time going to the beach, playing football, basketball, camping, paintballing, and frequenting concerts. I also grew up surrounded by many animals. Some were pets, and some were found and needed care. Dogs, cats, rabbits, frogs, ducks, hamsters, snakes, tarantula, guinea pigs, tortoises, a goose, eels, fish, even a squirrel and a pigeon (don't ask - the list goes on). 

During the course of being a young adult I played in a Heavy Metal band for a few years and then made my way into brewing beer for over a decade. Why talk about this? They have similarities for me.. they both became expensive hobbies that I got carried away with (so I guess my wife is right)! Though I only played the bass in the band, I now have five instruments (master of none). When it came to brewing beer, I had multiple beer taps in the garage and an all-electric brew system with a touch screen, pumps, coolers (the works). It is quite an expensive dust collector.

With that intro, I was ready to start a new hobby (CORRECTION: hobbies). I got into Holiday Prop Building, Knife Making, DIY Beef Jerky, and the list goes on... (Sorry sweetheart, you were right). One of these new hobbies was building a bioactive terrarium for a pair of Dart Frogs (that I didn't have yet). So, trying not to be expensive (and after watching many encouraging videos online) I picked up a used (but clean) tank from a local seller, and went to the local hardware store for foam & supplies. It was a successful build with a waterfall and everything. 

Shortly after the build, our family decided to spend the day at a large Reptile Show in Anaheim, CA. I told my wife, lets go have a fun day and possibly find more plants for our new frog enclosure. Unbeknownst to me, this would be my introduction to isopods! While browsing the many geckos, snakes, scorpions, and plants... I see a cool looking roly-poly. It wasn't like the ones I find at home, it had stripes like a Zebra. I inquired and the vendor told me it was a Zebra Isopod. We continued through the convention and there was a different isopod at another table that looked like a panda. Of course, I inquired and it was a Panda King Isopod.

We head outside for lunch at the lunch truck festival and I am internet searching isopods. Come to find out there are thousands of different types and they clean your enclosure (also known as a clean-up crew). Sitting at the lunch table, I showed a cool looking pod (isopod) to my family. Attempting to say Holy-Moly I accidentally said Holy-Poly. We all liked it and decided that would be a great business name for a convention booth. After lunch I'm running back through every booth looking for different isopods for my dart frog terrarium. I see some that look like rubber ducks, and yes... you guessed it, they're called Rubber Ducky Isopods. We leave the show with a couple plants, and also "Zebra & Panda King Isopods". 

We get home and I continue to research. I have spent the past year learning about isopods, networking with enthusiasts, and growing healthy colonies of my own. I know this will sound abnormal for a hobbiest like me, but I got carried away with this one. I had a logo made, and continued buying and trading different varieties. It's kind of like that game where you try to catch them all (I think it rhymes with PokeyMawn).

I now have over 70 healthy colonies, worked with the USDA to get legal permits for shipping over state lines, and formed a legitimate business to distribute healthy captive bred pods to other enthusiasts. Starting a business that you become passion about is a great way to help high inflation and heavy taxes! So that covers it, that is how I started Holy-Poly Isopods LLC. 

In addition to my fun hobbies, I have been making a living working as an oil worker & firefighter for almost 20 years. My future goal is to have a booth at conventions to assist my colony control while helping others get their start and meet good people along the way.

Thanks for reading and stopping by, and welcome to Holy-Poly Isopods!


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