Why do people buy Isopods?

Why do people buy Isopods?

The majority of the time when we tell me people that our business is structured around Isopods for sale, this is their first response: "What do people do with them?"

Here is the best way we can explain it. You are probably familiar with the sucker fish, and water snails & shrimps that are used to cleanup an aquarium. This is the same concept, but for reptile tanks. A large number of our clients use them in their reptile, amphibian, or natural bioactive terrarium habitats as the janitors (Often times referred to as the Clean-up Crew). Isopods are great at devouring leftover food, animal droppings, animal's shedded skin, deceased bugs, etc. They have even been known to remove metals from the soil. In general, they are an amazing part of our world and are now being noticed. With a diverse variety of morphs, the isopod community is growing. In addition to their janitorial work, many people have begun to keep them as pets. 

So, are Isopods the best pet?!

We are probably biased, but we think so!

1. They’re very fun to look at (some say they are therapeutic).
2. They’re quiet.
3. They clean up after themselves.
4. Compared to other pets, they’re pretty low maintenance.


Here are some other reasons that keepers may have isopods:

  • Used as feeders by some animal keepers.
  • Cleanup crews for your cricket feeder tank.
  • A good starter pet to teach young children the responsibility of having pets.
  • Others claim to have actually consumed isopods themselves stating they taste like shrimp. 
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