LAG Shipping & "Hold for Pickup"

We get many questions on our structured services. We understand, you have concerns receiving the live animals in good condition. We also share that concern but have no control over what the shipping companies do or what customers do. We put policies in place to ensure we are not getting scammed on every shipment, and we professionally package to survive the shipping conditions that may incur. With that being said, let us answer some of these questions for you.

  • Why don't you ship during certain temperature conditions?
    • Depending on your order and weather conditions (from your address or ours) we decide how to professionally package your order. This may include insulation, warmers, coolers, or just a heat sink to absorb and retain different temperatures. During extreme temperatures, we may hold off on shipping out your order (and we will do our best to contact you in this rare circumstance).
  • Why don't you guarantee Live Arrival after 1 hour delivery?
    • Our guarantee is that we will ship your purchase so that it arrives safely. We cannot guarantee that a customer may leave the package outside during extreme temperatures. If you are expecting a package, please get it indoors as quickly as possible (this may include asking a favor from a friend, neightbor, roomate, etc). If you are unable to do so, you may want to setup a "Hold for Pickup".
  • Why don't you use this shipping service company?
    • We have attempted multiple types of shipping. After reviewing policies for Live Animal shipping, comparing rates, and ensuring consistency and quality we have decided to partner with UPS. They serve us very well for the service we require.
  • Why don't you do "Hold for Pickup?"
    • From our stance, we ship to your address (whether that be your resident or business). If you would like to setup a Hold for Pickup, that is between you and the shipping service (such as UPS). We do not set this up for you because certain locations charge an additional fee, and they do not charge it until you arrive. 
    • If you would like to setup a "Hold for Pickup" with UPS, you can click this link and set it up. They will give you nearby options and you can work that out with UPS.

We hope this helps clarify some of our decisions and look forward to continued business with you!

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